Beaches in Florida

Sun, water and beautiful beaches...

The entire Florida peninsula is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and finest white sand beaches in the world. Here you can enjoy the lovely warm azurecolored water and shady palm trees.

Because it is so wonderful here, you should almost devote at least a day or two to relax, sunbathe and swim. There is plenty of opportunities to do so either in the calm water of the Gulf of Mexico on the west side, or the Atlantic Ocean on the east side, where the beach is very similar to the North Sea. This means that at high tide there are big waves and some undercurrent - not so good if you want to swim or have children, but really good for surfers.

The nearest beaches are on the east coast, about one hour drive from Orlando for example Cocoa Beach – approx. 10 km. long (remember always min. $ 7 in coins for parking meter). Here is an opportunity to practice water sports or go to the sea with fishing rod. The beach is very close to the Kennedy Space Center.

Daytona Beach - around. 1.5 hour drive from the resort - also located on the east coast. The beach stretches over 37 km. and 150 meters wide sandy beach (at low tide).

The Gulf of Mexico on the west side offers the whitest sand beaches with calm and warm water for example Clearwater Beach at Tamba Bay, approx. 1.5 hour drive from the resort or visit Sarasota south of Tampa Bay.

A tip if you bring small children:
Do you only have one day to visit the beach, and do you have small children who likes to swim, use the extra half hour to drive to the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches here are something special with the calm, warm water, sun and snow-white sand that feels so soft.  Otherwise the west coast is best suited for families with children - both because the water is warmer and calmer, but also because there are many water sports activities in most places on the East Coast, where there are many waves.